Monday, June 18, 2012

New Meds and the Dreaded Side Effects

Within the last couple weeks I have been on a new meds list that consisted of the following:

1 Baby Aspirin
1 Prenatal Vitamin, 3 times a day
1 Folate, 3 times a day
1 Lupron Injection at the 10 mark

The day after my last appointment I was taken off the BCP and I started an antibiotic. When I started the antibiotic I felt horrible. The Lurpon already made me sleepy during the day and kept me up at night, while the antibiotic upset my stomach and made me ever more tired. I learned very quickly that if I don't do the injection at just the right angle, IT HURTS!!! Now that I have fixed that issue, I am ok with the shot again. Thank goodness the antibiotic was only for 5 days!!! Now that we have made it to the 17th of June my meds changed again!

Today I started Estrodal and the Lupron injection is lowered to the 5 mark. All I can say about the Estrodal is, BOO!!! I was quizzy this morning and either the Estrodal or the combination of meds is making my boobies hurt! TMI, I know, but they HURT! It feels the same as when I was getting my milk supply in before I had my son. Sore and tender :( I know it won't last forever, I just have to keep pushing through!!!

My comments in my blogs are NEVER meant as complaints, a girl just has to vent sometimes and I want to be as detailed as possible! I love my journey so far and I know it is only going to get better!


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