Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So Many Updates!!!

So Many Updates!

Ok, so since my last post about 5 months ago, a lot has happened :) All good. I want to apologize for my lack of posts. When we first thought about being a surrogate we never even considered what could happen not only emotionally, but physically to me and my family.

When we started the transfer process, as you already know, everything was perfect!!! But then as we had the measurement scares it really worried me. This is one reason why I stopped posting for a little bit. I wanted to post positive, happy blogs but I was so scared and it was easiest for me to handle on my own first. The only thing that has been worrisome during this journey was the measurement issue, I never once felt that I couldn't handle it or anything like that. This journey has been so amazing!!!

So now that we are in our 34th week...YES 34th weeks, I am ready to catch you up!!!

12 Weeks and Ready to find our OB!

Going into the surrogacy I knew I wanted Dr. Huang in Bakersfield to be our OB. Dr. Huang was the doctor on call when I arrived at the hospital to delivered my son at. I loved him so much during the labor and delivery, I knew he was the man for the job! As I go in for my first visit with him, we went over everything we needed to health wise and I made sure he was okay working with me knowing that I was a surrogate and that I was working with a same sex couple. You would be surprised how many doctors will not accept patients in my situation. Sad, I know...but true. So after we talk for awhile I am released to go get our 12 week ultrasound. 

12 Week Ultrasound - slideshows

 Everything at our 12 week ultrasound went great!!! Strong heartbeat and active baby!!! 

17 Weeks and a visit from Roberto and Mauro!

In October we were able to spend time with Roberto and Mauro when they came to the states for a visit! We met them in L.A. and had a blast!!! We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach (one of our favorite things to do!) and we went to the observatory. We had never been to the observatory, it was pretty cool. We then made our way north, back to Tehachapi were they were able to stay with us for a couple days. We had my 17 week appointment and they were able to meet Dr. Huang! What a great day that was!!! Dr. Huang did an in room ultrasound for them and assured them (not like they needed it, they do trust me with their baby) that I was doing everything perfect!!! Perfect size, perfect weight, perfect fluid amount!!! After our appointment there we made our way to Baby Sightings where we got a 3D/4D ultrasound!!! Of course I can't find the pictures from it at the moment, if I do I will post them. It was so amazing seeing them in person watching their baby. Not ganna lie, it was hard not to cry :) Keep in mind that this was the first time that they had experienced anything related to the pregnancy in person because of the distance between us (earth wise). I can only imagine what they felt at that moment! As that came to an end we got a nice lunch and then went on a hospital tour. Before our tour, I had the realization that, that would be the first and last time we would be all together in the hospital before birth...holy cow!!! Hospital tour was nice, made me nervous but that's ok :) Having that time with Roberto and Mauro was so special to me! Crazy to think that the next time I see them we will be very close to birth :) They also brought my son some cars, so nice of them and brought me some yummy Italian goodies!!!

Random Appointments... 

As each appointment came and went, we all kept getting more and more excited! I had a couple hiccups with a nurse at the office but all has been resolved. Ever since my very first appointment there, her and I never really got along. She would ask me every time I came in if I was a diabetic, and every time I said no. She didn't believe me and requested lab work behind the doctors back. So i went in for unnecessary screenings and in the end the results showed her that I was definitely not a diabetic but I have low blood sugar. Ha, in your face!!! Did the harrasment stop there....nope...she couldn't accept it and reported to my insurance that I was borderline diabetic and now I get letters in the mail about getting everything "under control" before it gets worse....hmmmm....I have so many words for this lady....none of which I will say on here, but I am sure you can imagine :) So now that, that is passed, we are all done with our blood work and screenings!!! I did learn a good lesson...don't let a nurse push you around....you can get away with speaking your mind...you are pregnant...lol...people expect you to be mean....but that's just not me :)  

27 Week Ultrasound!!!   

As we push through these weeks and look more and more forward to meeting little man, we get little perks...this was one of them!!! I love getting ultrasounds!!! I love seeing him on the screen and feeling him move with watching it!!! So amazing :) At this ultrasound we were able to skype with Roberto and Mauro!!! Now I don't know very much Italian....but you don't need to know the language to understand the emotion that was flooded over them during this ultrasound. So magical :) 

27 week ultrasound - slideshows

This has been such an amazing journey and being able to hear them talk while watching the ultrasound melted my heart. I wish they could have been there in person :) 

31 Weeks and a Little Scare... 

So we are truckin right along and I hit 31 weeks. We know he is viable and healthy. I am woken up in the middle of the night with the worst contraction I have EVER experienced. Let me paint this lovely picture for you....when I went into labor with my son I was laboring for 42 hours from the first contraction to him laying on top of me. First few hours of contractions weren't so bad...progressively got stronger. Went to the hospital 26 and a half hours after my first contractions and continued to labor for another 16 hours. During this labor I NEVER made a complaint, sound, tear or anything. The contractions I was having this time had me on all fours crying and pleading with a higher power to help me get through them. Holy cow....scary and they sucked!!! They only lasted 30 minutes and the only reason I didn't go to the hospital is because they won't do anything unless you have experienced the pain for over an hour...not to mention, we live 45 minutes from the hospital. So we make it through the weekend and nothing else happens. I then wake up Tuesday morning and i feel like I am "leaking". Not good. I go in and see Dr. Huang and everything is fine....not leaking, baby is strong and healthy as am I and we were just experiencing pre term labor pains....holy cow....he says it so calm....all I can think of is, well you don't have a vagina, uterus or cervix....of course you are calm...you will NEVER feel pain like this. LOL!!! He tells me that little man is at 96% viability and if anything happens again he wants me to go straight to the hospital and he will not take any preventative measures to stop labor....no pressure right....oh you know, just keep little man inside...hahaha :) So a couple more weeks go by and we make it to our 34 week appointment last Wednesday. All is still good, I have lost a couple pounds...nothing to worry about, little man is still growing and thriving!!! At this appointment Dr. Huang does another in room ultrasound :) Remember I love ultrasound!!! So he is moving the probe thing over my stomach and I can't see anything on the screen....panic sets in....where is his head? Oh well little man thinks it's a good, funny, comfy place right on top of my cervix...yes, I can feel his head right on top of the currently closed cervix that will soon be open in the next few weeks...can you say ouch...everything time he moves his head I have horrible pain down there. Small price to pay :) Dr says that he is very tall and we won't be getting any more ultrasound pictures because he is so low. He also confirms that I have A LOT of fluid, again a very good thing, just makes me look much bigger then I am with just me and baby. That's ok :)

Prego Pics!!!  

As of right now I have a few prego pics and I put them all together in a slide show!

Prego Pics - slideshows

Everything is happening so fast! I can't believe we are 34 weeks and so close to birth. T minus 13 days until Roberto and Mauro come out!!! They will also be traveling out here with Roberto's mom...I am so excited!!! I have been working on our birth plan and each person's list of things to do when labor starts. I know I can't control the actual time frame of labor but if I can organize everything before, during and after it...you know...I will!!!

Happy Reading and keep your fingers crossed that little man waits for his daddies and grandma!!! Actually if he could wait until 38 weeks, that would be fantastic!!!!