Thursday, May 1, 2014

13 hours before transfer

As I get ready for bed tonight, I am overwhelmed with so many emotions. All good emotions! Im remembering the feelings I had the night before my last transfer. So anxious and nervous but all in a good way! I am feeling so excited knowing that in 13 hours Davide and Miro's precious baby will be transferred into hotel de surro :-P

So I have been on 8 different medications so far and luckily I am on the down side of the medications! This time around I havent had the bad side effects I had last time. I am thinking it is because my body is already used to the meds and this isn't a big surprise this time. Which is a good thing! Fingers crossed that I don't have side effects after transfer! :-)

Because it is crazy late i will continue my post tomorrow with pictures and hopefully a video of our awesome transfer tomorrow! Thanks to everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers :-)