Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting Everything Ready!

It has been a little while but I have so many exciting updates! I had my medical screening and psychological evaluation at the beginning of April! Boy of boy did I experience some CRAZY things that day. 

My first appointment that day was my medical screening at Dr. Boostanfar's office in Encino. I have had plenty of physicals for school so going into this appointment I figured it would be the same...NOPE! All of my other surrogate girlfriends all had very different screenings so I really didn't know what was going to happen. After filling out more paper work then I ever thought I would fill out at any given time in my life (2 hours worth while talking to doctors and nurses), I was instructed to gown up and get comfy on the exam table. big deal, we have all had to do stuff like this right?!!? As the doctor (female, not Dr, Boostanfar) came in she brought 2 other girls with her. Now why would you need that many people for a physical? Well the doctor did the "procedures", one of the girls handed her tools and the other one was there to "distract me", doctors words, not mine. As the doctor went over the typical physical stuff like checking my lungs, my heart, all of that good stuff, the girl in charge of the tools was opening up some interesting tools. Some I have seen and some looked REALLY SCARY. As the doctor finishes up with me she starts explaining that she is going to do an aqua ultrasound. Basically she does a complete pap and pelvic exam, all of the normal swabbing and testing, then she threaded a catheter into my uterus, removed the speculum and inserted saline solution into my uterus. Let me tell you, that is the CRAZIEST feeling in the world. Not including the 20 minutes of "draining" you get to experience after. After she finishes she removed everything and showed me the ultrasound pictures of all of it happening. Very interesting. It is always good when the doctor says you have a happy uterus!!! While all of these procedures where going on I was instructed to talk to the third girl, who was also on her very first day of work in the would have to say she did a good job distracting me. Well at least as much as one person would be able to, especially while all the fun stuff was happening down below, lol. At the end of my appointment I was exhausted....and still had to drive 40 minutes to get to my psychological!

Gowned up and ready to go!

My Happy Uterus!

As I got to my next appointment I went to the doctors office and she asked very general surrogacy questions. I think it took 20 minutes to talk to her. When she was all done, I thought I was done...hahaha...nope. She led me into a very small room and explains to me that I have to take a computer test. The same one you have to take if you want to be a cop, CIA, FBI, government related jobs. Right before she leaves she says "don't take too long, if you take to long it will time out and you will start over and you don't want to do that". I couldn't help but think, "what's the big deal...?" Well as I start the test I realize that the numbers in the corner of the screen are not an identification number, it's the number of question...almost 600 to be exact. An hour and a half later I finish with VERY little sanity left. I never knew there where so many different ways to be asked if I want to kill myself, have ever thought about killing myself, if I am depressed, and if I have ever thought about hurting someone else. Geez, I thought I was going to go crazy. But I completed everything and was sent on my way! 

Me outside of my second appointment :)

A few weeks later I was contacted by my case agent who told me I had passed everything! I don't mind jumping through these hoops because I am so excited to carry a baby for the wonderful men I call my IF's!!! Next step....CONTRACT!!! Yippie!