Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A week ago or so I posted that I was getting ready to start some different meds one of which is the Lupron shot. As I received everything in the mail that morning I proceeded to make my daily check lists so that I don't forget to take anything. From June 7th through June 13th I will be on the following:

1 Prenatal Vitamin
1 Folate
1 Active Birth Control
1 Baby Aspirin
1 Prenatal Vitamin
1 Folate
1 Prenatal Vitamin
1 Folate
1 Lupron Shot at the 10 Mark

What a schedule!!! Every morning I get so excited to start that day of meds....I think it makes me feel like I have total and complete purpose each day. Even if I wake up in a bad mood or my day just isn't going the way it should, I still have purpose and meaning! I know that sounds weird but I love getting up each day to take the meds so that we can hopefully make a baby!!!

LUPRON!!!! So as I got everything ready for my first Lupron shot, I started getting nervous. I went upstairs by myself because I knew that I wouldn't be able to do anything with people watching me. As I prepared the for the injection I was shaking so bad. It probably took me 10 minutes to actually give myself the shot because I had to stop shaking before I could do anything. After the shot was complete I couldn't even get the bio box open to drop the needle in. After it was all done, it really wasn't the bad! I was able to complete everything and I was so proud of myself for truly facing a fear and giving myself a shot!!! All I kept repeating to myself was "You have to do this for your IF's. We are going to make a baby for them so they can have the wonderful experiences with their baby, that you have with Landen. You have to do are going to be okay!" 

Lupron....scary but TOTALLY worth it!!! 


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