Monday, July 16, 2012

Night Before Transfer

For the last couple days I have watched the clock like a hawk, counting down to our transfer. T-Minus 17 HOURS!!! Every 4 or so hours recalculating and getting more and more excited each time. As tomorrow quickly approaches and I find myself scrabbling to get things ready, I wonder what Roberto and Mauro are feeling right now....are they able to even sleep? Will I be able to sleep? 

My schedule for tomorrow is going to be great. Hopefully one of those days that I will be able to look back on and truly say, "that was one of the best days of my life!" My girlfriend Danielle will be picking me up in the morning at 11am from my house in Tehachapi. Poor thing lives in Palmdale, 40 minutes away from me, in the opposite direction of the doctor's office. I can't drive tomorrow, which is why she is coming all the way out to my house to get me, then back tracking 40 minutes to get back on route to the doctor's office. So we plan on stopping to get lunch once we get to L.A. As soon as lunch is done we will head to the office for our transfer!!! Woot Woot!!! We will document as much as we can tomorrow and I will post my updates through out this week!!! I am so excited! And honestly, after talking with Danielle, I am not nervous any more. She told me to concentrate on myself, be calm and patient, while relaxing and focusing on the embryo getting inside and sticking!!! Let everyone else worry!!! 

Happy reading and please send happy, sticky prayers, vibes and baby making dust our way! I will be thinking our you two, Roberto and Mauro, all night tonight and all day tomorrow! :) Lets make a baby boys!!!




  1. I am sooooo excited!!!! And so very honored that I get to be there to see Roberto and Mauro's little bambino (or bambina) get snuggled in!!! <3 Danielle

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  3. We just received your message after the transfer! We are so happy that we want to hug you :D
    A message to our baby: "Hold on!"