Monday, July 30, 2012

Betas Are IN!!!

Betas are in! I had 2 blood test last week, one on the 25th and one on the 27th. After getting stuck with either a new person or a person who didn't know what he was doing, I went home to wait for the results of the first beta test. I knew we needed something over 25 or all day I kept thinking about that. Please be high, please be high, please be high! Anything that indicates a positive pregnancy. Around 2:45pm I got the results...drum roll please.......131!!! Woot Woot!!! Our first blood test on the 25th was 8 days past our 5 day transfer. That number is amazing!!! Now we play the waiting game again...between the 25th and the 27th my number should double. I went in that morning and requested the guy that I had normally gotten, before the not so good guy on the 25th. As he sits me down and takes my blood, I can't help but get an overwhelming feeling of happiness that we are actually at our second beta test!!! That's a really good thing! With this blood test, they tested for the beta number, my progesterone level and my estrogen level. Time to wait again. Around 3:30pm that day I got the exciting news that my beta number this time is 320!!!! Holy Cow, it more than doubled!!! At the end of that phone call the nurse tells me that they are still waiting on the progesterone and estrogen levels and she will call on Monday...MORE WAITING!!! lol!!! Monday morning rolls around and my estrogen level is at 260! Anything over 200 is good :) My progesterone level is a 6 and they like it to be around a 10. No worries though. They increased my dose to one gel insert, three times a day. The nurse reassured me that this is normal for women who are on the progesterone gel. The levels are not shown on the blood panel as well, so increasing the dose is to ensure that I am truly around a 10. I was so worried that I had done something wrong and that I messed everything up. She said that I was doing everything perfect and this is just to make sure everything is perfect. We are headed in the right direction! And to top it off, we have our first ultrasound on the 2nd of August. This ultrasound will check the yolk sac to make sure everything is developing the way it should be. At this appointment I get to skype with Roberto and Mauro for the first time! I am so excited to see them again, especially since the last time I saw them was when we first met. So much has happened since January! It will be amazing to have them "there" with me! We will all get to see the yolk sac and developing baby for the first time together :) It will be amazing! In my last post I had left you with an open question....did I pee on a stick, lol.....

Yes I Did!!! It was so exciting to send the picture of the clearblue test to Roberto and Mauro :) I didn't send the other two because they are harder to see and I wanted them to see the positive right away and not have any doubts on what the test said! It is so cool being able to look at them and know that there is a baby developing inside of me!

So much excitement !!! I will post our pictures from our first ultrasound later in the week :) Happy reading :)


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  1. I'm so glad that Danielle sent me this way! I'm thrilled to be able to follow a journey from the beginning. Congratulations on all of the wonderful news so far. Many, many more wonderful things headed your way! :)