Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New Calendar

What a great way to wake up and get the day started!!! We have our final cycle calendar!!! Our transfer will be on July 17th :D This is so exciting I don't even know what to say :D For the next week I will be continuing my regular meds of 2 Estrace Pills, 1 Baby Aspirin, 3 Pre Natal Vit, 1 DHA and 3 Folate Pills a day. Tomorrow I stop the Lupron shot and start taking Medrol once a day for 9 days and Doxycline twice a day for 5 days. One is an antibotic and one is an anti inflamatory. The day before the transfer I have to take 2 Aleve and the day of the transfer I take 2 Aleve before the transfer and 2 Aleve after the transfer. SO many meds!!! I will have to create my daily lists to keep them all straight! The day after I stop the Lupron shot I will start the progesterone gel. Later this evening I will put together all of the video clips I recorded of all of my meds!

This is so crazy! Just a short time ago we were driving to Beverly Hills to meet Roberto and Mauro for the first time. Having so many questions run through my mind, what will they think of me, will they like me, will they pick me, how will we communicate, will we feel the same about certain pregnancy related things...and SO MANY MORE!

As we are now just a short week away, I am so excited for the transfer and nervous about everything sticking…but most of all I think I am even more nervous and anxious about finding out the results. I want the first time to stick so back that I think I am over analyzing it. Are these feelings normal? I am even getting a little nauseas thinking about how Roberto and Mauro are feeling.

I have all of my “lucky charms” waiting to go with me to my appointment, so I feel prepared from that prospective.

Got my lucky toe socks in the mail yesterday too! I have one pair for our transfer and delivery and one pair to keep my prego toes happy throughout our pregnancy! I can't decide which pair to wear on Tuesday....hmmmm....maybe I should let Roberto and Mauro pick....I like that idea! Ok guys, which one should I wear on Tuesday???!!!???

So many crazy feelings going on right now :D More later, video too!!!



  1. Mauro looked at the photo and without any doubt said "the rainbow one!" so we have decided, how to say something different after this so sure decision :D
    We already said it in the previous mail, but we want to say it also here, our hearts are there with you... only few days, cross finger and whatever is needed! we are super excited!

  2. Rainbow it is!!! I love those ones!!! Well I love both but was leaning toward the rainbow ones for the transfer and delivery! :)