Thursday, July 11, 2013

3 Months Olds!

Holy Cow!!! It has been 3 months since Lorenzo was born!!! I can't believe how fast the past 3 months have gone by. With in the last 2 months since my last post so much has happened. Lorenzo, Roberto and Mauro have settled in at home with a wonderful routine and family life :) Mauro has returned to work and Roberto has been staying home with Lorenzo.  As I look back and reflect on our birth story it still brings tears to my eyes. Add our weekly Skype dates and I feel so loved and special! I have been lucky to be able to Skype weekly with my 3 Italian Boys :) They keep in touch weekly with pictures as well, so I am one lucky surro mama! We also celebrated my son's birthday last month with friends and family :) Lorenzo is getting bigger and bigger and couldn't be any cuter!!! Even though I miss all three of them so much, I love being able to see them all together knowing that I helped create their family :) I know I have said that before but the feelings I still get when I see them together, get stronger each week! I love telling our story to people! I put together a slide show of the professional pictures we had taken of Lorenzo as well as the pictures R and M have sent to me! I know, professional pictures....hmmm...not very Italian....yes, I know! The guys were nice enough to let me schedule a photo session for newborn pictures and I am forever grateful for that!!! I know it was a hard thing for them to go through (being that they do not do things like that in Italy), and I LOVE these pictures and again couldn't be more appreciative that they let me do this!!! Just shows you how much they care and the love between friends that has developed through our journey!!!

Lorenzo Newborn pictures- 3 Months - slideshow

Happy reading and I hope you love the pictures as much as I do!!!


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  1. The parent who has this little wonderful baby are so lucky. I love all the pics. Such a lovely child! I just want to hug him and kiss him. Thanks for sharing us all the pics.
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