Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Long Wait!

The last time I posted, we were three weeks out from Roberto and Mauro coming to the states. Since then, we have spent wonderful time together, birthed baby, watched a family blossom, and unfortunately had to say good bye. But lets back up for a minute and start from when they arrived!!!

March 11th

So, for any of you who live in the LA area or have traveled in LA, you know how unpredictable traffic can be. We left 3 hours before their flight was supposed to land, then they have an hour to go through and collect their bags and be passed through. So 4 hours early, it only takes 2 hours to get to LAX from my house on a good day....hmmmm....we arrived after they had landed and then went to the wrong terminal, not my fault, the jet was too big to land in the original terminal so they switched and didn't tell anyone waiting to pick up guests, thanks!!! So once I figured out what had happened, my phone rings...yep they were waiting for us. Darn it! I felt so bad that they had to sit and wait for us to find them after all that travel. Most of the time I would blame situations like this on my prego brain, but not this time!!!

After lots of hiccups in car rentals, traffic and everything else that the universe could have thrown at all of us, they made it to their apartment and got settled in :)

March 14th-37 Weeks

I have mentioned in previous posts that our doctor wasn't expecting us to make it past 38 weeks and that little man would most likely come around 36 let the doctors appointments begin! At my 36 and 37 week check we were dilated to 1cm and 40% effaced. All I kept thinking and telling little man was, 'Please stay in so we can throw your daddies a surprise baby shower...' and if I had known what was ahead of us, there would have been no panicking! The doctor sent us away at that appointment telling us any day now!!! We could try to induce on our own or he would stretch me at our next appointment....hmmmm....stretch me, sounds scary. And reading about what it actually is online, yes, VERY SCARY. The guys and I knew from 31 weeks when we had the scare that we were all willing to wait until little man was ready to come on his own and would not request to be induced until 40 weeks. So a pretty uneventful appointment :)

March 15th-Maternity Pictures!!!

I wanted to get maternity pictures done with the guys so that we would always have beautiful pictures to remember our journey together! I had a session on my own and one with them! I absolutely love these pictures :)

March 16th-Baby Shower Time!

I knew from the moment the stick turned blue that I wanted to do something special for the guys as far as a party was concerned. No better way to celebrate them becoming parents and welcoming a beautiful baby into this world then a baby shower!!! Our closest friends and family came and celebrated with us :) It was so special and the guys didn't even see it coming! I love surprises :D

March 21st

Another appointment came and went! We were 38 weeks at this point and waiting for Easter. I was still at 1cm and 50% effaced. On the bright side, I was able to celebrate Easter with my son. We went to an Easter egg hunt and then had a wonderful dinner with Roberto, Mauro, Roberto's mom and all of us. It was a lovely weekend!

March 28th

39 WEEKS!!!! The doctor said I wouldn't make it this far and look at us go! After walking on egg shells the past 8 weeks hoping little man would stay in, and now he can come at any time! Hahahaha :) Doctor checked me at this appointment and I was still at 1cm and 50% effaced. Oh my, I think it's time to start natural induction methods....So what does that mean, BBQ time! We invited friends over to have a BBQ over the weekend. Maybe if we have a bunch of people over little man will show up....NOT!

April 4th-DUE DATE!!!

I tried every natural induction method I could think of...well minus a couple but only because of the side effects. Nothing was this appointment we had finally made progress and I was 2cm and 50% effaced. Doctor stretched me, and honestly it wasn't as bad as I read about. A little bit of pressure and that was it! Doctor was very confident that we would go into labor that night, but just in case we didn't, come back tomorrow! At least we are heading in the right direction :)

April 5th

Back to the doctors office! No progress so he stretched me again. If nothing happens over the weekend, come back on Monday! Again I tried everything I could think of to get little man to come out!

April 8th

Another check up with the doctor, I had progressed to 2 and a half cm and was still at 50% effaced. Time to give in, when can we induce? So going into this journey I knew that a drug induced labor was not something I wanted. Lucky me, the reason labor hadn't actively started was because I had a lot of fluid, which is good, but the contractions I was having I couldn't feel and they weren't doing as much as they should have because there was too much fluid. Baby's head wasn't able to drop down far enough to trigger strong birthing contractions. He stretched me again and had us call the hospital and we were put on a waiting list, yes I said waiting list, to be admitted and induced. Another day went by and still no word from the hospital.

April 10th

Back to the doctor, nothing was happening and everyone was anxious! At least this time I had made progress!!! 60% effaced and 4cm!!! Time to go straight to the hospital!!!

Up next, our Birth Story!!!


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